DRP magazine #2

Owen.Drp changes its name and is now called DRP magazine.

Like the eponymous DRP festival dedicated to drop & street culture, the 2nd edition of which will take place in September 2023 in Paris.

The edition also increases to 116 pages and becomes quarterly.

Art, music, design, photography, fashion, sneakers, gaming…
Meetings, portraits, portfolios, interviews...

DRP magazine is
A reflection of contemporary creative energy.
A dialogue between generations.
A beautiful print object.

Contents of issue #2:
Bleu Mode / Yard x Booska-P / Hall Haus / Chilla x Prince Waly / Alexis Jamet / Horah Inc. / Fuzi / Marvin Bonheur / Quentin Gomzé / Sainte-Marie Juanna / Baiser Mortel (Lala &ce, Low Jack…) / Adam ZM / Pauline d'Andigné / Faye and Gina / Sarah Harouri x Thomas Giorgetti / Quentin Deronzier x Dontnod / La Ligne Bleue Records / Streetwear & Upcycling dossier…

Released: December 10, 2022
Format 21x27 cm - 116 pages
Selling price: 10€
Available in kiosks (MLP) + selected stores Paris & France
Online orders: KD Presse & Drp-paris.com

Co-founders: WSN & GLG
Editor-in-chief: Guillaume Le Goff
Art Direction: Arthur Teboul
instagram: @drp_paris

Co-fondateurs : WSN & GLG
Rédacteur en chef : Guillaume Le Goff

CLIENT: DRP magazine DATE: Décembre 2022 LOCATION: France
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