Tahiti - An exhibition

of Éléonore Wismes

"Eléonore Wismes left the cold Paris of last December to embark on a boat on the mesmerizing waters of French Polynesia. On this sailing boat, creation was the key word.
Accompanied by Balthazar, François, Guillaume, Jacques and Tabata, artists and friends, the photographer captured this trip like no other. She photographed in silver with the objective Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9 / 64 the travelers on board. Through the exhibition "Tahiti" of her photographs and watercolors and a self-published fanzine at the Showcase DD, she gives us her vision of this magical stay in Tahiti, a magnetic and fascinating invitation to travel ... "

Event production

CLIENT: RVCA Artist Network Program & Lomography DATE: 12 - 15 avril 2018 LOCATION: Galerie DD, Paris
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