EXHIBITION - The Showcase

Adidas Paris

The event / exhibition "The adidas Showcase Skateboarding" was held in Paris on Friday 30 June 2017

After two editions in New York and Los Angeles, adidas Skateboarding in association with Bitchslap magazine & Guillaume Le Goff, presented The Showcase Paris: a collective exhibition of Parisian creative talents (photographers, illustrators, graphic artists, painters ...) from skateboarding and photography. -of the.

Curation: Guillaume Le Goff
Co-production: GLG / Guillaume Le Goff

Benjamin Deberdt (photo), Soy Panday (art), Func'88 (art), Alex Pires (photo), Olivier 'Tavu' Ente (art), Romain Batard (photo / video), Hugo Fernandes (art), Mecca ( art), Errata (photo / art).

Live: Biffty - DJ: Manu Vega

Friday, June 30, 18h00 - 22h00
free drinks (free admission)

MR14 Gallery - 14 Rue Portefaix 75003 Paris


CLIENT: adidas DATE: 2017 LOCATION: Galerie MR14 - Paris
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