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In skateboarding, at the beginning of the 90s, booming of the "street" and then completely influenced by all that happened in the United States (streetwear, hip-hop, grunge, noise, fusion, rave party ...), we Here were Larry Clark's kids there. Living in the province - and the internet does not exist yet, we must remember - our curiosity was satisfied with magazines like Big Brother or Thrasher. It was the fashion of "big pant small wheels" (baggies pants and small skate wheels). Some skaters from our favorite teams (Girl, Chocolate, Mad Circle ...) did not wear skate shoes, but sneakers that were stylish and perfect for riding, like the Adidas Gazelle or the Superstar. We were listening to Sonic Youth or Pearl Jam but the Beastie Boys were my real reference, and on the cover of "Check your head", Mike D wore a pair of Adidas Gazelle white and black ... Beautiful. I needed this model! To find them I did the few sports shops in my city (Cholet), asking if they did not have this kind of sneaker, which we must say, were not at all popular in the general public then in France. After many galleys, I ended up disgorging the rare pearl in a small shop run by an old man, a little surprised by my request, which ended up getting me out of the bottom of his stock a few pairs of vintage Gazelle. Joy happiness ! I could finally look like my ideals, have a style well with my friends skaters and feel comfortable, in the air, the real, ours.


CLIENT: adidas DATE: 2014 LOCATION: Paris
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